Campbell Park Neighborhood
Anchorage, Alaska 99507

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(Links, Papers and Photos compiled by D. N. Anderson)

This page was started when the federal, state and local highway folk proposed to Highway two Highway alternatives that drove directly through the heart of my neighborhood.  These routings are not necessary, are inferior to other alternatives and land acquisition is vastly more expensive than for other routings.


Our Neighborhood:

 Campbell Park Neighborhood Map

H2H Boniface & East City Alternatives:

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    H2H Project    Boniface Alternative Map      
    H2H Project   East City Alternative Map      
    H2H Project   Anchorage 2002 Employment Density Map
    H2H Project   Preliminary Corridors Map      
    H2H Project   Full Range of Potential Alternatives Document    
    Anderson, Donald N.    Campbell Park Neighborhood Destruction vs Alternatives Paper    pdf  doc
    Anderson, Donald N.    Boniface - Birch Alternative    pdf
    Anderson, Donald N.    Comment on Anchorage job locations    pdf  doc
    Anderson, Donald N.    My Home & Neighborhood Photo Gallery    
    Google Maps   Campbell Park Maps    

AnchorageLive   Campbell Park Parcel Maps Website
    Anchorage CC   Anchorage Citizens Coalition on H2H    
    Johnny Ellis &
Berta Gardner
  Letter from our legislators to the DoT&PF Commissioner    
H2H Via Tunnel:    
    Anderson, Donald N.    A Tunnel Version of The H2H Project (In pictures)    pdf

Lake Otis underpass and turn lane:

    Anderson, Donald N.    Campbell Creek Trail underpass of Lake Otis Paper    pdf  doc
    Anderson, Donald N.    The turn from 53rd north onto Lake Otis Paper    pdf  doc

Revised 25 April 2012