Brief Biography of Donald N. Anderson                     


Born on 14 July 1938 in Bremerton Washington to Francis E. and Harold A. Anderson, Don spent all his early years in that Navy centered city.  His vivid early memories were heavily damaged ships limping in to the naval shipyard and listening to war reports on the old and scratchy radio.


Graduating from Bremerton High in 1956 he received his Associate degree from Olympic College in 1958. By this time he was an avid climber and before retirement from climbing had more than 150 ascents.


He first came to Alaska in 1960 when he successfully climbed Mt. McKinley, worked briefly on an environmental project in the Swanson River field, and completed building a house in Kenai.


After completing his first degree he spent several years teaching high school in Toledo (in Washington State), enjoyed some climbing in Peru and Wyoming, and returned to college for three more degrees. He came back to Alaska in 1966 to pioneer a new route on Mt. Hunter.


An unsuccessful expedition on a new McKinley route in 1968 brought Don and his wife, Dana, back to Alaska for an entire summer of touring the road system (and a few peaks in the Talkeetnas).


After completing his terminal degree in Physical Chemistry in 1970, Dr. Anderson spent some time in North Carolina followed by three years developing computer control systems for the sawmill industry.


Dr. Anderson returned permanently to Alaska in 1974 as an Engineering Analyst with the TAPS project, and started his software construction company, Software North, in 1978.


Thirty-Six years later he continues as the head of Software North although his experienced staff really runs the show; he devotes his time to reading, writing and his extensive correspondence with friends around the world.


In addition to teaching multiple classes in mathematics, chemistry and engineering while pursuing advanced degrees Dr. Anderson has lectured on:


  • National Health Care

  • Health Effects of Radiation

  • Property Forfeitures

  • Islam

  • Stealing Elections

  • Term Limits

  • Flat Tax and

  • National Sales Tax

Updated: 04 Nov 2014