Nuclear Electricity Generation

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Essays by Donald N. Anderson

Download Length Updated
Clip the Wings of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission pdf doc 2,484 words 29 November 2016
Generate electricity with nuclear power? pdf doc 7,075 words 27 February 2008
High level nuclear waste pdf doc 2,167 words 27 May 2009
Words for nuclear power (alphabetical) pdf doc 2,600 words 15 June 2009

Slide presentation by Donald N. Anderson

    Title Flash   Length   Updated
    An alternative to regulation mp4 20 min 28 Feb 2020
    Alaska Nuclear Power Generation swf 33 min 21 Aug 2009
Nuclear Waste: Problem or Politics as Usual? swf 27 min 28 May 2009
    Nuclear Power Generation Part 1 Words to describe the process mp4 32 min 15 March 2020

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1 Beckmann, Petr The health hazards of NOT going nuclear 1976
2 Cravens, Gwyneth Power to Save the World: The truth about nuclear energy 2007
3 Haeberlin, Scott W. A Case for Nuclear-Generated Electricity 2004

Non-Technical Papers:
Author Title


1 Adams, Rod Nuclear Power for Galena, Alaska 20 March 2005
2 Frick, Philip J.   Hearing on Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing pdf   doc     16 June 2005
Director Title Released
1 Lightfoot, H. Douglas Nobody's Fuel: Energy supply is more important than climate change 2006



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