Links to Lawrence Solomon’s “Denier” series of columns


Lawrence Solomon is executive director of Urban Renaissance Institute and Consumer Policy Institute, divisions of Energy Probe Research Foundation.  He is also a columnist who publishes frequently in the National Post (where these columns appeared first).


A number of promoters of the anthropogenic (human caused) global warming hypothesis (AGWH) started claiming that the science was settled and only a poorly informed “denier” could dissent from the prevailing consensus published in the political summaries of the IPCC reports.  Many scientists found the comparison with Holocaust Deniers very insulting and began to speak.  To demonstrate the unsettled nature of the climate science on which the hypothesis was based, Solomon decided to write a half dozen columns about very prominent critics of some aspect of anthropogenic global warming.  The columns became very popular and the suggestions for other prominent critics flowed in.


Only a few of the prominent scientists whose statements are included wish to be known as “deniers” of the AGWH, but each has objections to one or more aspects that have been used to support the hypothesis.  Most columns have a brief CV of the featured scientist at the end.

You may have to pay $12 US for a year's access to the full set of columns. Otherwise they appear to be slightly abbreviated.


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Statistics needed

Edward Wegman

28 Nov 2006


Warming is real - and has benefits

Richard Tol

01 Dec 2006


The hurricane expert who stood up to UN junk science

Christopher Landsea

08 Dec 2006


Polar Scientists on thin ice

Duncan Wingham

15 Dec 2006


The original denier: into the cold

Richard Lindzen

22 Dec 2006


The sun moves climate change

Henrik Svensmark

05 Jan 2007


Will the sun cool us?

Nigel Weiss

12 Jan 2007


The limits of predictability

Hendrik Tennekes

19 Jan 2007


Look to Mars for the truth on global warming

Habibullo Abdussamatov

26 Jan 2007

10 Limited role for CO2 Nir Shaviv 02 Feb 2007
11 End the chill Summary - Solomon 09 Feb 2007
12 Clouded research Jasper Kirby 23 Feb 2007
13 Allegre's second thoughts Claude Allegre 02 Mar 2007
14 The heat's in the sun Sami Solanki 09 Mar 2007
15 Unsettled science Carl Wunsch 14 Mar 2007
16 Bitten by the IPCC Paul Reiter 23 Mar 2007
17 Little Ice Age is still with us Syun-Ichi Akasofu 30 Mar 2007
18 Fighting climate "fluff" Freeman Dyson 05 Apr 2007
19 Science, not politics Eigil Friis-Christensen 13 Apr 2007
20 Gore's guru disagreed Roger Revelle 28 Apr 2007
21 The ice-core man Zbigniew Jaworowski 04 May 2007
22 Some restraint in Rome Antonio Zichichi 11 May 2007
23 Discounting logic William Nordhaus 18 May 2007
24 Dire forecasts aren't new Hans von Storch 25 May 2007
25 They call this a consensus? Summary 2 - Solomon 02 Jun 2007
26 NASA chief silenced Michael Griffin 08 Jun 2007
27 Forget warming - beware the new ice age George Kukla 15 Jun 2007
28 Open mind sees climate clearly Reid Bryson 29 Jun 2007
29 Models trump measurements Tom V. Segalstad 07 Jul 2007
30 What global warming, Australian skeptic asks Bob Carter 17 Jul 2007
31 In the eye of the storm over global warming William Gray 28 Jul 2007
32 From chaos, coherence Anastasios Tsonis 15 Aug 2007


The aerosol man

Stephen Schwartz

01 Sep 2007

34 The hot trend is cool yachts Stephen Salter 08 Sep 2007
35 You still need your parka in Antarctica David Bromwich 15 Sep 2007
36 IPCC too blinkered and corrupt to save Vincent Gray 26 Oct 2007
37 Why melting of ice sheets 'is impossible' Cliff Ollier 02 Nov 2007
38 Climate change by Jupiter Rhodes Fairbridge 10 Nov 2007
39 Green hero slammed as climate heretic David Bellamy 17 Nov 2007
40 Carbon as currency Solomon 12 Jan 2008
41 Geo-pipe dreams Solomon 26 Jan 2008
42 The Maligners Summary 3 - Solomon 31 Jan 2008
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